Our history

SIA “VM Cargo Service” was established in year 2012 and started to purchase trailers and trucks from large logistics companies and other European distributors. Since year 2012 company has acquired loyal customers who are located in Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Russia and other eastern countries. SIA “VM Cargo Service” is reselling all the variations of trailers and it’s components. Among the products such familiar brands as Schmitz, Krone, Kögel, MAN, SCANIA, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo and many others. In year 2017 company has sold over 100 trailer units and generated over 900.000€ revenue. Company’s salespoint is located in industrial area of Riga at Maskavas street 443. Area called “Rumbula” is considered as an automotive capital of Latvia.


Our persons


Vidmant Milius
CEO at “VM Cargo Service”

Vidmant dedicated most of his life to the industry of transport. He began his professional career as a truck driver in early 90’s. In year 2001 started in a role of truck reseller for a company that was mainly exporting different truck and trailer variations to Russia. During the next couple of years Vidmant has proved himself as a successful truck reseller and decided to establish his own company SIA “VM Cargo Service” which successfully operates nowadays.


Vladislav Oblecov
Operations manager

Vladislav holds Master's degree in international relations. He is involved in truck and trailer business since year 1994. In "VM Cargo" he is responsible for maintaining day-to-day operations, constantly finding new customers and suppliers. With more than 20 years of experience he has proved himself as top professional.